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ArchLUG is a LEGO User Group based out of Western Washington, whose members share a love for LEGO, especially as it pertains to creating MOCs ("My Own Creations") focused on landscapes and world architecture, both historic, modern, or futuristic. Our goal is to foster relationships with other AFOLs ("Adult Fans of LEGO") who share our same passion for building, and also to inspire those around us to appreciate the endless possibilities that LEGO provides as a medium to create and replicate both original and existing structures from around the world.

We build everything from fantasy castles to realistic skyscrapers, lush rolling landscapes to futuristic concept buildings. We enjoy exploring new building techniques, sharing them with each other, and pushing the envelope when it comes to what LEGO bricks and elements are capable of.

Members of ArchLUG vary in building experience from borderline LEGO professionals, to those who are just being introduced to the hobby. We come from a wide range of backgrounds, but LEGO architecture has given us a common thread that draws us together. Our diversity gives us plenty to talk about and share at our meetings, held once a month to discuss community outreach, share our current projects, and hold workshops to hone our skills in a variety of building techniques.

With regard to community, we are outspoken and active in our LEGO fandom, and many of us are considered “LEGO experts” among our non-AFOL friends and family. We have taken it upon ourselves to share our love for LEGO with the next generation, and are active in presenting our work at a variety of conventions (such as BrickCon and Emerald City Comic Con) and public displays (including installations at schools, churches, and libraries). ArchLUG has strongly helped to promote architectural-themed MOC building in recent years, evidence of which can be seen by the rapid expansion of the dedicated architecture sections at conventions such as BrickCon.

ArchLUG also prides itself in investing in future generations of LEGO builders, and many of us have children, nieces, nephews, and/or grandchildren who are all young LEGO fans in no small part through our involvement in the hobby. Through our displays and community involvement, we hope to inspire these young ones to explore the endless possibilities that LEGO provides, helping them to learn and discover through LEGO for many years to come.